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My Story

Hello! I'm a Independent Scentsy Consultant located in Bowling Green, Ohio. I was introduced to Scentsy when my oldest child was I was 7.  I thought the product was awesome, because the scent throw was far better than any other candle I have tried previously.  I then fell in love with Scentsy after my son ran into the bathroom plug-in warmer and it dumped right on his tears, NO burns, NO fire...I was sold and never purchased another candle again...Fast forward 10 years...3 more children of my own later plus a step-son...I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years, but it was getting very difficult financially with only one income, but we knew it was unrealistic for me to get a "normal" job due to the number of appointments I have for 2 of our children. ...After doing some research I decided to ask someone for a loan of $99 to start selling what I already love and took the leap and signed up with Scentsy on October 20, 2015.  So now I am a work at home mom!

If you would like to book an On-Location, On-the-Go or facebook party or if you would like to be a part of my team or if you have any other Scentsy question please call/text, email, or look me up on facebook. My facebook fanpage link is My facebook group link is I am excited to get to know all of you and pleased to be your Independent Scentsy Consultant!